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More book events

Philadelphia's Asian Arts Alliance, May 17. With David Kyu, Tihua Chang, Chee Wang Ng, and Shirley Ng.

Edge on the Square, SF Chinatown's newest art space, May 18. With Mabel Teng, Cathy Park Hong, and John Lee. Photos by Bob Hsiang.

Oakland Asian Cultural Center, May 20, 2024. With Harvey Dong, Helen Zia, Stephen Gong, and John Lee. Photos by Alissa Kim.

San Francisco Pubic Library, May 23, 2024. With Fae Myenne Ng, Curtis Chin, and Mae Ngai. Panel photo by Bob Hsiang. Selfie by Curtis Chin.

Boston Chinatown Pao Arts Center, May 23, 2024. With Chee Wang Ng.


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